JVA Electric Security Fence System is proven, affordable, lastest technology and higjhly effective perimeter intrusion detection system to protect your property and ensure that intruders do not unlawfully enter them.

It is the line of defense and enhances the ability to detect and respond to break-in or intrusion immediately. if intruder touches any of the electric wire, the intruder will get a high voltage electric shock (5,000 - 10,000 volts).

Within every second, JVA energizer will discharges a very short duration high voltage impulse (in safe range) down to fence live wires. The energizer will then monitor the voltage level at another end of the live wire.  in event of voltage drop due to electric shorting, cutting of live wire or poor maintenance, the energizer will trigger it's alarm thus alerting you.

JVA Electric Fencing System can be installed to any types of existing perimeter fences, existing brick wall,  gates, building, and roofs.

How does an electric fence energizer work?

How does an electric fence work?

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